Registered Psychometrist (Independent Practice)
Practice No: 0537160
HPCSA Reg No: PMT0090093


AlisonAlison Raleigh obtained her Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 2010, majoring in Psychology and Criminology. Thereafter, she attained her Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Psychology in 2012 from the same university.

Whilst doing her Honours, Alison volunteered at Headway, a brain injury clinic in Hyde Park, where she helped the attendees complete group activities and remedial programmes as well as providing a safe therapeutic environment within which they could share their life experiences. It was during her time at Headway that Alison decided to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) (Psych) in Practical Psychometry at the University of Johannesburg which she completed in 2013. This entailed her having to complete a six-month internship at the Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD) at the University of Johannesburg.

Alison was exposed to various South African and internationally developed assessments techniques as part of her training. In addition, during her internship, she administered the following psychological assessments: career guidance, concession (special conditions applicable to writing exams), Grade 9 subject choice as well as psychological-educational assessment.

Alison Raleigh attended a Read For Africa Phono-Graphix Certification Course in July 2016 and has completed a 12-week internship programme and is now an Advanced Certified Phono – Graphix ™ Reading Therapist in English. Phono-Graphix™ is a straightforward reading and spelling method, which was developed by Carmen and Geoffrey Mc Guinness in 1993, at the Read America clinic in Orlando, Florida. It takes the sounds of the English language – and teaches the various sound-pictures (letters) that represent those sounds in careful stages.

Certified Advanced Reading and Spelling Therapist
Accreditation Number: RFA PGR CC 0716/03

Alison has also completed the Helios STREPCO Counselling and Therapeutic intervention course and is registered with Council for Counsellors of South Africa (CCSA). She was trained in the following topics: structure and planning of counselling sessions, emotional intelligence,transactional model, holistic approach to relationships, behaviourism,children’s drawings, projective tests, divorce, feedback to parents and/or combined families, childhood redefining deductive therapy, depression, narrative therapy, emotional analytic therapy, sexual molestation, trauma, HIV/aids counselling, cognitive therapy, play therapy, teenagers (including sub-topics of therapy, sex, drugs and rebellion), imago, relationship dynamics and sex therapy.

Certified Counsellor
CCSA Reg No: CO 20344