Assessment Process

During the intake interview, information is gained about the client’s potential areas of concern and to consider various assessment options to suit their particular needs. This entails gathering information regarding developmental and schooling history. The client will be required to bring the most recent school reports, as well as relevant information from any other professionals previously consulted. A biographical questionnaire will also need to be completed.

Once the most suitable psychometric battery has been identified, the client will be assessed over one or two days (2 – 5 hours) depending on the client’s level of motivation and his or her ability to concentrate.

Once the assessment results have been scored, interpreted and reported on, the client will be asked to attend a hour to hour and a half feedback session to discuss results and recommendations. The client will also receive a hard copy of the report. The content of this report is intended to reflect the findings of the assessments and is only considered relevant once verified by the client, in the feedback process.