This is an amazing tool to research careers, matched with training courses available from a wide selection of Universities and Colleges.

You will need to register in order to use it but it is free!

On the home page you will see a list of Occupations, Qualifications, Institutions, bursaries, school links and Career Grouping. The tabs highlighted above are the ones you will need to focus on. Please note the bursaries page is outdated. You will also see on the website that are you able to select the drop down arrow on Level, Study Area and Required Skills to search for careers. Alternatively you can select the particular career under the alphabetical list.

When you select the Qualifications tab, navigate to the drop down box (Study Area). As you can see in the example below, I have selected beauty therapy and all the courses relating to beauty therapy populated in the example list below.

If you click on any one of the courses, it will give information on where you can study, the course duration, entry requirements, the address and the type of institution – in this case it is a private institution.

Alternatively, you are able to research careers using the Alphabetical List. I selected “M” for Marketing. I then selected Market Researcher.

Under the career Market Researcher, it lists the nature of work, similar careers, requirements, school subjects, study options and who would possibly employ you. If a Market Researcher isn’t for you then you can select on Similar Careers to see career fields that are related to a Market Researcher.

When you select Study Option form the list under Marketing Manager. It is important to take note of the related occupations. The careers listed gives you other careers that you could possibly explore, relating to your selection.

Under the Institutions tab, it list universities, colleges etc. for overseas and South Africa. It highlights contact details and addresses of these particular institutions. Please note that the Technikons are not available anymore as they have merged with most universities.

Career Grouping shows the best fit careers group according to the field of study.

Enjoy researching